The ELSINE Register

This category contains all straight razors of the brand »Elsine« that have appeared so far. On this website, however, I can only publish photos of those models to which the respective owners and/or photographers have granted me the usage rights. (The corresponding models are linked in the table below.)

If you own a razor of the brand »Elsine« yourself, I would therefore be pleased if you sent me photos of the front and back, as well as the permission to publish them on this page (plus, if you also agree, your name and your place of residence). A simple e-mail to Dirk[at] is sufficient. This way, you can help filling the »Elsine Register« with life.

Thanks a lot!

This is an overview of all razors of the “Elsine” brand that have appeared so far:
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Handle materialsHandle inlayBlade steelBlade widthBlade patternBlade engravingTang frontTang backBox inscription
ElsineThe Elsine Razor1. Celluloid Ivory
2. Celluloid Tortoiseshell
3. Celluloid black
?7/8"-The Elsine Razor
Double German Hollow Ground
ElsineMade in GermanyThe Elsine Razor
Double German Hollow Ground
Made in Germany
ElsineElsine Premier1. Celluloid Tortoiseshell
2. Celluloid black
Elsine RegisteredSheffield Steel7/8"OrnamentElsine Premier
Finest Sheffield Steel
Forged an Real Hollow Ground in Germany
-"Elsine" / The Guaranteed Razor / Finest Sheffield Steel Forged and Hollow Ground in Germany
Elsine(only handle known)(Diamond)Celluloid Ivory"Elsine" in a diamond???????
Elsine(only blade known)Model 272
???5/8"Ornament"Solingen" in gold engraving272
Made in Germany?