Elsine Model 272

Elsine Model 272 (unknown handle)

This model is one of the extremely few Elsine models that does not belong to the series The Elsine Razor or Elsine Premier. Unfortunately, the original handle is unknown. The handle of the brand Adoration, which can be seen on the photos, is a handle of the Solingen Company Giesen & Forsthoff. The razor already was in that marriage when it came into the possession of the Canadian company Shaving Style, which then restored and resold it. They kindly gave me permission to use their photos.

Handle materialunknown (only blade known as of yet)
Handle inlayunknown (only blade known as of yet)
Blade steel?
Blade width5/8"
Blade engravingSolingen
Tang engraving front272 Elsine Solingen
Tang engraving backMade in Germany