Kain-Abel Seal Edition, red

Kain-Abel Seal Edition, celluloid handle (red, semi-transparent)

“I bought my third razor of the brand Kain-Abel from France in 2018. Noteworthy in this knife is not only the red handle (only a handful of red straight-razors by Emil Broch are known to date), but also the corresponding box, which is actually assigned to the edition Das Kain-Abel Rasiermesser.”

EditionSeal Edition
Handle materialCelluloid, red half-transparent
Handle inlaySolingen
Blade engravingOriginal Kain-Abel Solingen / Trade Mark
Blade width11/16"
Tang engraving frontKain-Abel Red. Solingen
Tang engraving back-
OwnerDirk (Admin), Remscheid / Germany